Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Year’s End

Kelly and I moved into a new house last week. My free time will thus be spent pulling tape from boxes and crushing fingertips for the remainder of this season, unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll get out to the new-to-me mountains I see to the West each morning to catch some herps laying out in the last warmth of the year. If not, I’ll begin posting again in February or so.

This year has been good. I’ve added many animals to my life-list: C. molossus, C. lepidus klauberi, C. cerberus, C. Willardi, Gyalopion canum, Thamnophis cryptosisotalus, and Heloderma suspectrum. The molossus was my first find of the year, while the tigris was my last.

My goals for next year include getting out to Eastern New Mexico to look for anything within range of my parent’s new home, and perhaps a trip to Costa rica. Who knows.

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