Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes


My name is Bryan D. Hughes. I like spending my Saturday nights in hot cars on dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, being attacked from all sides by mosquitoes while searching for deadly snakes. Obviously my parents are thrilled.

Nerds of my sort are called Herpers (short for Herpetology, not what you’re probably thinking of), and there are more of us than you’d think. I know many herpers that are much better than me on all counts, but I also know how to make Web sites, so here you are. I’m learning a lot, mostly that I have yet a lot to learn. You can think of herping as a scaly version of birding … just replace the binoculars and cargo shorts with a snake hook and cactus rash.

I am not a good writer. I tend to use a lot of run-on sentences. I’m working on it, so be patient.

I own and operate Rattlesnake Solutions, removing rattlesnakes from yards and garages around the Phoenix area and safely relocating them to better habitat. Hopefully in time, this website will be something stumbled upon by home-owners curious about the scaly critter out by the fence. Maybe these pictures and information could help them choose to be interested in native wildlife rather than kill it due to fear and myth. If not, then oh well … at least I have an excuse for all the sunburns.

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