Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes


Online Field Herpetology Tools

These websites are absolutely invaluable to me in my field herping activities.
Even more important than good boots and a hook is information,
both finding and recording, and lots of it.


Moon Phase: U.S. Navy Astronomical Applications

AZ County Map: map_arizona_county

Online Spreadsheets: Google Docs

AZPARC Field Guide:

Satellite Map: Google Earth


AZ Parc (Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation)
Arizona Herpetological Association

Arizona Wildlife Center

Herpetology, Nature & Photography Blogs I Frequent

Worm Salad

What I Saw

The Roaming Naturalist

Beetles in the Bush

Count your chicken! We’re taking over!

marianne skov jensen

Snake Buddies Blog

Reptile Specialty & Pet Stores

Predators Reptile CenterPets Inc.
Arizona Reptile Center

Reptile Vets

Dr. Richard S. Funk, VCA Mesa Animal Hospital
Dr. Michael Kiedrowski, Dove Valley Animal Hospital

Envenomation Treatment & Prevention

Red Rock Biologics Dog Vaccine

Snake Removal Services

Phoenix, Arizona

Rattlesnake Solutions LLC

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Snake Removal