Arizona Rattlesnakes

Arizona Rattlesnakes


Online Field Herpetology Tools

These websites are absolutely invaluable to me in my field herping activities.
Even more important than good boots and a hook is information,
both finding and recording, and lots of it.


Moon Phase: U.S. Navy Astronomical Applications

AZ County Map: map_arizona_county

Online Spreadsheets: Google Docs

AZPARC Field Guide:

Satellite Map: Google Earth


AZ Parc (Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation)
Arizona Herpetological Association

Arizona Wildlife Center

Herpetology, Nature & Photography Blogs I Frequent

Worm Salad

What I Saw

The Roaming Naturalist

Beetles in the Bush

Count your chicken! We’re taking over!

marianne skov jensen

Snake Buddies Blog

Reptile Specialty & Pet Stores

Predators Reptile CenterPets Inc.
Arizona Reptile Center

Reptile Vets

Dr. Richard S. Funk, VCA Mesa Animal Hospital
Dr. Michael Kiedrowski, Dove Valley Animal Hospital

Envenomation Treatment & Prevention

Red Rock Biologics Dog Vaccine

Snake Removal Services

Phoenix, Arizona

Rattlesnake Solutions LLC

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Snake Removal