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New Stuff

I went shopping last night for some new hiking boots and ended up getting the same pair as I had purchased last year:


They are touted as ‘rattlesnake proof’. I have no idea why, but some herpers view wearing this kind of thing as stupid. I personally don’t see how any extra caution could possibly be laughed at … it isn’t like looking for venomous snakes is like playing checkers and you can afford to ‘lose a couple’. Also nice, they’re CACTUS-proof, waterproof, and one long boot up the calf makes them pretty damn comfortable for driving long distances to my surprise. I absolutely wore out the pair I bought last year, putting a good 50+ miles on them from what I can estimate.

I also bought this hat:


It will make me look stupid, but not as stupid as the constantly sun-burnt ears and nose of last year. It is a welcome trade.

I also got a new maglight. I can’t find my other one, and I solve my problems irresponsibly.


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  1. peter says:

    Great site. Where can I get those boots? Thanks.

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