Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Some Mojave Rattlesnakes from Eastern Arizona / Western New Mexico

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4 Responses to “Some Mojave Rattlesnakes from Eastern Arizona / Western New Mexico”

  1. Paul McGuffin says:

    Great shots of the Mojaves. I spent several days, last spring, in the Boot Heel of New Mexico, the Big Hatchet Mountains. We went in from the east side up Thompson Cyn. then climbed the Big Hatchet Pk. Only saw one rattlesnake. It was in the desert floor on the way in. Just a regular Western Diamondback. Are there any Mojaves in the Big Hatchet area?
    Some years back, working for the Southern Pacific Railroad, I saw a lime green one just a few miles north of Mojave, California.
    Paul McGuffin

  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks Paul. I haven’t been to the Big Hatchet mountains yet, but mojaves do range there. The diamondbacks in the area look amazing, as well, being a lot more colorful and sporting a reduced pattern in comparison to the diamondbacks I see here in Phoenix.

  3. Paul McGuffin says:

    Bryan, You need to make a trip to the Big Hatchets. It’s like going back in time. There were next to no signs of humans ever being there. If you find some Mojaves there, please post some photos. Take lots of water with you.
    Paul McGuffin,

  4. John Geiss says:

    Today I came across what looks like a Mojave, but I live in northwest New Mexico and they are not suppose to live this far north. Is there any similar rattlers that it could be? I have a picture to help identify it.

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