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Phoenix Snake Removal

I’ve started a new venture, aimed to use whatever knowledge I’ve gained about rattlesnakes in the Phoenix area for the benefit of the snakes, the people who encounter them. I plan on starting small, just an outlet to perform snake-related activities that don’t fit in on this site, which is dedicated to field herping. Field herping is also kind of expensive after awhile, so I might as well try and keep the gas tank full with something relevant. Eventually, I’d like to get into more educational activities, but the shape of that isn’t quite formed yet.

So, in my first official marketing statement, for safe & humane rattlesnake removal services, call Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions at 480-237-9975.

Rattlesnake Relocation in Phoenix
Rattlesnake Relocation in Phoenix

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  1. Good for you Bryan! This is great!!

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