Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Tiger Rattlesnake from Santa Cruz County

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2 Responses to “Tiger Rattlesnake from Santa Cruz County”

  1. Nice Tiger, Bryan! Seems hard to find good looking tigris. The one I saw in the same general vicinity as yours this year, was pretty ugly. Wish we could keep buzztails in Utah!


  2. Peter Kisser says:

    Dear Bryan,
    while surfing in the fieldherpforum I found your nice pictures of the C.tigris near the ****** in Southern Arizona.We own a public reptilezoo
    in Southern Germany and our main research work of decades was the keeping this uncommon rattlesnake.Our most question was,why did this
    easy to keep rattlesnake dont want to reproduse offsprings.Several times we found this snakes on the ******road,also we had many
    from ******,but this gray one we dont so much otherwise animals from the ****** in Tucson are beautifus golden colored.
    Every year we make a trip to the Sonoran desert for a few weeks, and this year again we will visit Arizona in September.We would be interest,
    if it would possible, to visit you an talk about our hobby.
    Sincerely yours,
    Peter and Renate

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