Arizona Rattlesnakes

Arizona Rattlesnakes

Diamondback in Yavapai County

This is the one and only living Western Diamondback, Crotalus atrox, I’ve seen in a mountainous area of Yavapai county. Nothing striking, but still clean and attractive nonetheless.



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3 Responses to “Diamondback in Yavapai County”

  1. So beautiful! Why aren’t they found in Yavapai? Too high/cold?

  2. Bryan says:

    I think I said it wrong … there are LOTS of them in Yavapai county, it’s just that I haven’t seen many in this particular area in the very limited time I had spent there. This photo was taken last summer, and since then I’ve seen a good many. It’s just interesting how every few miles the look will change just a little.

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