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Superbowl Sunday Snake: First Rattlesnake Relocation of 2011

I was surprised to get a call from the Arizona Herpetological Association today to relocate a young diamondback near my home. It was hiding in a water box in a front yard in the Carefree Highway / I-17 area. I found a really great place for him to hide instead, about a half mile away. It wasn’t a field snake, but I guess the year has begun.

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3 Responses to “Superbowl Sunday Snake: First Rattlesnake Relocation of 2011”

  1. What a spectacular animal!

  2. Dave Weber says:

    With those colors I thought I was looking at a “ruber” for a second. Either that or I need a new monitor!

  3. Bryan says:

    Sounds like a great excuse to go buy a new giant monitor for yourself. I mean we can’t have atrox looking like ruber; that’s just uncivilized. I should definitely buy myself some new camera equipment too, you know, just to rule it out.

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