Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Photographing Turtles: I’m No Good at It

On the way to a good blacktail spot, I saw this little mud turtle and decided to try for some photos. He wasn’t having it, and stayed in the shell until I decided I’ve spent enough time waiting. You win dude.

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One Response to “Photographing Turtles: I’m No Good at It”

  1. Crotalus says:

    Bryan, I was scrolling back through your archives, and just now discovered in your “Eddy County” entry, back in Feb. 2011, that you asked me if the ” Horse Crippler” was an agave-type plant. The agave to which you refer is named Agave lechugulla, and I found out that it, too, is called “Horse Crippler” locally in Eddy County, for its ability to stab horses in the fetlock area. But the “Horse Crippler” to which I refer is actually Echinocactus texensis, a brute of a flattened barrel cactus which hides in the grass over much of its range, and pierces the quick of the hoof of horses and cattle, much like the old Japanese torture of bamboo splinters under the fingernails, as opposed to the Agave.

    Anyway, better luck with the turtles in the future.

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