Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Huge Western Banded Gecko

I am really, really slacking in the posting of new content on this thing … it’s all good stuff though, it means I’m out in the field a lot and photographing a ton of reptiles.

This is from the Spring of 2012, easily the largest Western Banded Gecko, Coleonyx variegatus, I’ve ever seen. Usually in Arizona, a huge one is about as long as a finger, and as big around as a soda straw. This one, flipped on a windy, rainy day in S.W. California, was the size of a small leopard gecko. They’re really common of course, but these have to be the prettiest U.S. lizard. There are some Eastern Collared lizards that wear their colors well, of course, but these little geckos always look amazing.

Western Banded Gecko

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