Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

The Worst Animal On My Blog

So I don’t get photographed a lot doing what we do, which is understandable and probably for the best, since there’s always something more interesting to get in the viewfinder. Regardless, some of my friends get bored sometimes, and things happen. Here are a couple from this year’s trip to Pennsylvania.

This first one is my nose pressed firmly on the back of my camera taking photos of at least 3 timbers hiding in a crack. I am sure there are at least 3 ticks on me at this particular moment, with their sweet lyme disease kisses.

Heeere timbers!

From the same trip, this is my first meeting with the Nerodia genus, or watersnakes. We don’t have them here in Arizona, so I was more pleased than I should be to let this guy work his anticoagulant saliva into my hand; just to make sure it works. Guess what? It does. I bled for about a half hour from just a few tiny holes.

nice to meet you too, jerk.

Once again I find myself way behind in the whole posting thing, so I’ll try to catch up in the off season. Here it goes!

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