Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Best Great Basin Hunting Spot I’ve Seen

I saw this lutosus eating a prairie dog in 2013. The following year, I went back to exactly the same spot, and there she was again, eating another one! Pretty good hunting spot, I’d say, for the both of us.

It’s interesting how, I suppose wasteful, these staging Great Basins are in this particular area. There are dead rodents everywhere; envenomated and apparently never found by the snake that bit them. They are so numerous, in fact, that I have begun to use a sudden abundance of dead rodents as an indicator of a densite … extending my search window well into times of the year when the snakes have long since vanished for the year. The last time I went to this area, I found 2 new satellite dens this way, in the afternoon when it had gotten too hot for snakes to be on the surface. I searched the area for dead rodents, then returned at a later time and found new snakes that I had not seen at this complex.

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