Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Arizona Black Rattlesnake, Nice & Close

AZ Black Rattlesnake in Arizona

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2 Responses to “Arizona Black Rattlesnake, Nice & Close”

  1. Crotalus says:

    Yep. They do look like very dark versions of our Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes.

  2. Steve Jones says:

    Here’s something I just sent to Marianne Jensen’s site, which led me to you:

    Again on Four Peaks, I was traipsing around in the dark with a flashlight, and came within 10 or 20 feet of a black (not black-tailed, but black) rattlesnake. It gave the usual warning, and I decided to go back to camp about 100 feet away. That snake was still rattling, and loudly, when I went to sleep over an hour later. Cranky fellow. All was quiet at dawn, though.

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