Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Great Basin Collared Lizard

On a long, dry, mostly snakeless Memorial day weekend in the red sand North of the Grand Canyon, we saw this Great Basin Collared lizard. At first it ran off, as they usually do, on two legs before stopping to check out the ugly primates with unknown intentions. I always love lizards for that … rather than just leaving the scene, many species will stop to see what’s up, possibly curious. Others will at least give a few defiant pushups before leaving that prized rock.

This young guy let me try out my lizard stalking technique of getting low to the ground and keeping more or less parallel or lower once I start moving. It seems to work pretty good, as I can usually get to within a foot or two without them darting off again. Beautiful lizards and a bizarre landscape; I’ll be back soon!


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