Field notes and photography by Bryan D. Hughes

Sonoran Coralsnake Surprise

In my opinion, our little lone Elapid is one of the coolest things to see. Not rare, but rarely seen. Not dangerous, but deadly. This one was captured in the driveway of a home in North Scottsdale that belongs to one of the clients for my snake removal business.

The place is situated right between desert and a nice, wet golf course, so there’s a lot of traffic. I saw a toad that looked to be trying to eat something, and this coral was what it was after. Awhile later, I saw the same toad doing the same dance, but was instead trying to eat a threadsnake, which was what the coralsnake was probably after. What a mess I had walked into.

I kept the coral for awhile as part of an educational display before releasing it to the nearby preserve, a little bit fatter and well hydrated.

Sonoran coralsnake

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